The Basic Netting Knot

sheet bend knot, step one

Bring the working end of your string up through the middle of the loop from the back to the front.

sheet bend knot, step two

Bring the working string around the back of the loop from right to left.

sheet bend knot, step three

Bring the working string back around to the front of the loop.

sheet bend knot, step four

Thread the working end of the string under the part of the working string that is in front of the loop, keeping the working end in front of the loop.

sheet bend knot, step five

Tighten carefully, and you have your knot.

incorrect sheet bend knot

This sheet bend mistake is very easy to make, and will produce a knot that is very insecure, and prone to slipping and coming undone. Be sure to tighten the knot around the loop, rather than under it.